The Cats ARE The Exit
The Cats ARE The Exit
Well, myName is Valentina, i'm 14 years old, my hair is curly and Brown. I like a Leon :v. I LOVE CUTE THINGS, AND ADORE THE SWEET DINNER!! I like some videogames, Marvel comics, Cats, cute pets, AND YAOI.
I speak english and Spanish (a little bit of portugues)
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Tuitah we<3it VINE
Carlitos es tan sensual #MeowForCat  #Cat #Gato #Sexy #Mew #Meow

I thought the shopping bags were a bit heavy



Autor: Preuben

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Argchi turistas en el sur (?)
En una situación como esta yo seria Martín, definitivamente. 
Deadpool annual #2 review


Warning: Spoilers ahead (and Spideypool)

Basic summary of the comic:

DeadPool annual #2, aka Deadpool helps out his boyfriend Spider-man by dressing up like him then afterwards taking him out for a hot dog date on a rooftop, was a very fun comic read especially for those in the Spideypool…